Mar 10, 2012

Missing You MeMa !!

It's been 5 Years ago today that my sweet Grandmother (MeMa) passed away. It hasn't gotten any easier over the years. The more time has gone on, the more I wish I could talk with her. I know she would have been proud of me just having my 23rd Anniversary with the Fire Department.

It was about this time in the evening when I got the phone call from my Dad that she has passed. One phone call that I will remember for the rest of my life. I had been at the Hospital that day and had been sick that week and finally felt good enough that day to go to see her. I'm glad I did.... One of the hardest things I've done in my life was to say goodbye. I've always hated goodbye's, So from now.... I will just say "I'll see you when I see you"

So many things have happen over the last 5 years that I wish I could just get some advice from her just one more time. Just wish I had one more day that I could hear her voice, touch her hand and tell her How much she was loved by everyone she had ever met. She was a true inspiration and touched so many lives for the short time she was with us.

I know she is in a better place and not suffering anymore.

This song here was one of her favorites and I wanted to share it....


Mar 4, 2012

Sunset . . . . . . .

Driving home from Ocean City for the day and this is what greeted me coming across the bridge... The most Beautiful Sunset Iv'e seen in many years.. I think the last sunset I remember being this pretty was on Christmas Day back in 2008...

I Love the Color's ! ! !